S6 x9999 Online 21
S6 x100 Online 2

Update #2


Added info for new wings what class cant use them.

Silver and Gold key price changed to 10k wz

Added All talismans of wings.

Added Rings Panda and utt.

Ring of level added to x shop

Silver key and Gold key added to drop only at map one map you need to find by yourself.


Silver and Gold box changes.

All items is added for new.

You can get very cool item our trash item.


Silver box  drop item 100% 100x and 5000x Server

Golden box  drop item 50% 100x and 5000x Server

Item plus what you can get from silver box is 0 100x max exe opc 1 rare 2

Item plus what you can get from gold box is 6 100x and 5000x max exc opc 2 but up to 4 rare

Drop for keys and boxes reduced x100 server.

Jewel Drops reduced to.

 Added lottery event to x100 Server.





2022-08-02 17:35

100exp server is opened.

Goldteam.lv x100 server info.

Season 6 part 17

exp rate: x100

drop: 10%

max stats : 65000

New maps

New events

Max Resets 50

Max grand reset 100

Custom Jewels

Dynamic Server

Vip system

New Bosses
New Sets/Weapons 
New Character Formules 
New Boss System 
New Ancient Options 
New Craft System 
New Pets/Fenrirs 


Press Here
New Item Bank
New Item Stack (Jewels/Tickets/Boxes)


No web shop just mu online

If client closes for you disable DEP in your pc







2022-07-18 14:44

Server Has Been Opened